Day: 31 March 2018

Mustang Convertible 1964 1/2 V8 F : Work weeks 7 & 8

Hello all, The work is progressing well, we are waiting for the last small parts to finalize some parts being reassembled. The longest is to identify the small missing pieces and to order them as the winding progresses. We have with the Pornic team finalized the braking system by redoing tailor made arrival hoses. Also […]

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Mustang Convertible1964 1/2 V8 Code F MT3 : Weeks 9 and 10

Hello all, It took us a while to finish the assembly of the exhaust system because of the missing parts. The fixing kit was incomplete at its delivery in late February, it was necessary to wait for the missing parts to finalize the week 10 the final assembly. Unfortunately, the clamps of the outlets of […]

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Coupe Mustang 65 Triple Black : Direction Le Havre ETA 22 apr 18

Spring has arrived and our Mustang 65 289C Triple Black Coupe has gone in container to Le Havre. The processing time is long, including the formalities to be completed but also to the shipping carrier. The estimated date of arrival is April 21, 18, we can recover the Mustang around April 25 if everything goes […]

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Restoration Mustang Convertible 1964 1/2 – Project retrospective

The project is nearing its end, it is the right moment to review it with a retrospective from the origin of the project until today. Everything started in April 16 or this Mustang cabriolet is on sale on the American corner. It’s obvious, it’s this cabriolet, and it’s this one that triggers the genesis of […]

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