A new life begin


Thank you for your interest first, I hope you will enjoy discovering my adventures throughout the articles.

To introduce myself succinctly, I am always passionate about beautiful vintage vehicles. For a long time, I tried to repress this desire to immerse myself in this field, so much afraid I could not get out of it. It took me 46 years to get into the adventure. It is now done, my goal is to give new life to beautiful American.

Things started with a Mustang Cabriolet Windsor V260 from 1964 1/2 arrived in early September. I had however arranged to avoid the bad surprises but that was not enough …

You don’t become an expert in claping in your hands. This beautiful one had a beautiful dress, the seller was reassuring, on the quality of his property.

Bad surprise but extremely training for the sequel. The choice has arisen for: a partial resumption of these defects and immediate resale, or a resumption in the rules of this respectable two decades.

I opted for the second, after thorough expertise, especially the choice to make quality. This is where the project starts, go to the Restoration page. See you soon in another post


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