Spring is here : work is restart


Winter is finally over and spring arrive with a lot of novelties. The restoration of my Mustang Cabriolet is now the price in charge of the Atelier de Mes Anciennes located in Le Cellier. In parallel, I begin to work with JBC Motorsports of Batz sur Mer.

These two professionals in each of their particularities are more specialized recognized and serious craftsmen. It is a rare commodity in the environment where the best and the worst meet, I know already know something about it…

The work progresses well on my convertible, the engine compartment, the front cheeks, the front wing supports, the rear wheel arches and the arrivals are in place. The underbases were checked and resumed and protected.

Next steps: chest, rear light panels, reassembly of the trains, painting preparation.

See you soon for news,