Miss California1 Ford Mustang Coupe 1966 BVA 289C : Well arrived to Chantilly

After having crossed the Oceans, this pretty Mustang Coupe V8 289C of 200 hp has been re-shaped by our partner ADMA. His new owners got it back in mid August and used it on our coastal roads during their holidays.

Reward well deserved after 6 months of waiting, project time until the final reception of the vehicle. Then it’s time to think of the return, direction Chantilly starting from the Bernerie, a long 12-hour journey that Christian, the new owner has made.

For having experienced it several times now, it is a source of stress, anxiety of all kinds because we leave our usual comfort to return to an old age where reliability was not at the current level. All the movements of the case, the noises are scrutinized by the attentive ear of the driver. The dials are constantly under surveillance more over in areas of heavy traffic where the temperature get high. You have to keep calm and respond well to surprises that may occurs.

A small fright of an overflow of coolant and an annex hose that jumps, and it is left. This is a good way to check the well running of his Mustang, and it’s reassuring for the next releases that will be coming. This route makes it possible to dissipate the doubts remaining on this beautiful car and take full advantage of it.

Well, after this crossing of the North West, the Coupe will be sheltered and will be gradually improved with time. We wish them lots of beautiful walks to share with their Pony.

Thank you Christian and Sonia, good road.