Miss California2 : Mustang Convertible 1965 289 C BVA – West French Coast Roadtrip


For our 20 years of marriage this beautiful fifty-year-old Mustang transported us on the small roads of the west.

From Pornic, we took the direction of Saint Jean de Mont under a beautiful sun. After lunch picnic on the beach, we take the road to Le Landrais in Charentes Maritime. The road is pleasant with the secondary roads, the showers and the thinnings.

We are welcomed as friends by Olivier and Christophe who go out of their way for us. The place is charming and we spend an exceptional moment out of time.

The next day after a breakfast break with an improvised waffle cake (thank you Olivier) we leave without envy but happy the good time we lived.

Head towards La Tranche sur Mer and follow the sun. At random we stop by a DS in good condition, then lunch and sunbath on the beach. The Mustang does not flinch, starts quarter-turn and is brave.

After a good restorative exhibition, we arrive at our second night on the Mothe Achard. The site is superb, but the weather leaves us for gray and rain. Disappointment on the accommodation, but also on the restaurant …

We leave the next morning to our house, with a few showers and a thinning arriving which allows us to decapotate.

The car is noticed all along the roads and stops, the sympathy rating of the Mustang is not a legend! In addition to this fun we have had, the car is easy to drive for short trips or medium distances.

Comfortable, supple, powerful, it’s a treat to drive because it has no unexpected reaction. The management is accurate, the behavior healthy, consumption very reasonable (15.5l / 100km on 450km).

We are going to finish the work of reliability this week to constitute its file photos and put it on sale.

See you soon.