Miss Oklahoma : final remounting stage


Santa Claus has passed as we expected and our restoration is progressing well. Here is the latest news from our patient, it has just been partially reported by the ADMA teams who did a great job again. After long weeks of immobilization, the reassembly was able to resume and it is in very good shape, at the cost of long hours of work.

The result is splendid you will judge for yourself below. “She” will come back to Pornic so that we can go up the small rooms. Forecast at the end of February and return to our partner for the return to operation, adjustments and functional checks.

Next steps

January – February: reassembly of rear beam, radiator of interior heating, ventilation, custodes, windows, hood, instrumentation of dashboard, skylights, lights front and back, engine cooling circuit, front and rear bumpers, exhaust, shaft of transmission, … a long-term job to summarize.

March: return for the start of operation of the car, various and varied settings, preparation of the technical control for late March and registration.

April: first wheel turns

Once completed, this beautiful Mustang will be assigned to our tourist transport activity to allow the public to discover the “Jade” coast in an exceptional car. We will be posting news of the work over the next few weeks.

Next date: first week of January for a return to the base of Pornic.

Thank you for your loyalty, have a great holiday and see you soon for news.