Coupe Mustang 65 Triple Black : Direction Le Havre ETA 22 apr 18

Spring has arrived and our Mustang 65 289C Triple Black Coupe has gone in container to Le Havre. The processing time is long, including the formalities to be completed but also to the shipping carrier.

The estimated date of arrival is April 21, 18, we can recover the Mustang around April 25 if everything goes well. Some photos of the containerization, a good shot of clean will be welcome on arrival but especially inspection in the rules.

The program that awaits: conveying to Pornic, complete inspection to know the various operations to be done so that it is operational quickly, ordering the parts necessary for its fitness, beginning of the maintenance work and the resumption of painting .

This beautiful 50-year-old will then be destined for rentals on the coast of Jade for the pleasure of vacationers and beautiful walks in the Pays de Retz.

See you soon,

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