Mustang Convertible 1964 1/2 V8 F : Work weeks 7 & 8

Hello all,

The work is progressing well, we are waiting for the last small parts to finalize some parts being reassembled. The longest is to identify the small missing pieces and to order them as the winding progresses.

We have with the Pornic team finalized the braking system by redoing tailor made arrival hoses. Also the driveshaft was properly rested with the proper clevis. The speed cable was rested, we had to resize the passage too narrow for the cable head nut. The exhaust is waiting to be finalized with adequate fasteners that are in transit, double exit is clearly day and night.

I made tailor-made for the beam by taking again approximate connectors for the soldering and crimping with sheath + heat shrinkage complementary adhesive protection.

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Over almost a week, I put the whole new electrical harness back on the engine compartment and redone it for the dashboard and taillight panel. After a few shots of blood to avoid the nonsense, or to repair them … it was posed. The instrumentation on board was all cleaned up and put in place. A functional test helped me to identify the last remaining problems to complete the functional validation for the technical control.

Upcoming works:

cleaning of window systems and door windows
cleaning, refurbishment of the opening pistons closure of the hood
final assembly of the exhaust and alignment
Bleeding the brake system and commissioning
adjustment of the handbrake