Mustang Convertible1964 1/2 V8 Code F MT3 : Weeks 9 and 10

Premiers tours de roues après 19 mois

Hello all,

It took us a while to finish the assembly of the exhaust system because of the missing parts. The fixing kit was incomplete at its delivery in late February, it was necessary to wait for the missing parts to finalize the week 10 the final assembly. Unfortunately, the clamps of the outlets of outlets are too big to allow the maintenance of the parts, we await the new collars but still a week of lost.

Edito: at their reception on March 19th, they are the same as in the starter kit … We go round the ring does not allow the maintenance of the exhaust outlet, it is a manufacturing defect . We must find another solution of fixation, patience …

Restorations of old cars are complex because of the spare parts to find but also the specific tools necessary for their implementation. For this Mustang, we had to equip us with complete sets of flat wrenches, with sockets, tools specific to the first generation Mustang, brake pipe evacuator, all in US size. The most complicated is to find the right parts because for the first generation of Mustang, there were differences on how to produce autos, parts and suppliers between different factories of the Ford group.

The front and rear brakes were finalized during week 9, it will be necessary to adjust before the final commissioning of the car. The electric harnesses are functional, there is a little worry about the courtesy interior lighting, we will correct this concern when the return of the Mustang.

We could not fail to share the sound of our Mustang with you. It is a pleasure to listen to the sound of this new double exhaust line which is 90% mounted 🙂

As stated in the previous articles, the car returned to ADMA for recovery in painting and bodywork, due to defects that appeared during the drying phases. In addition, the seats and booths of the car left in upholstery to be refurbished.

Windshield wraps, front baffles have been restarted for this paint recovery part. A final problem has appeared on the fasteners of the clamp bolts of the front skirt supports. The bolts can not be put to the end, the workshop will take them back to be functional after the painting phase.

All stakeholders are doing their utmost to meet the deadlines of mid May so that the car is operational. Thanks to Serge, Anthony, Aurélien and all his team for their involvement in the realization of this restoration project.

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