Restoration Mustang Convertible 1964 1/2 – Project retrospective

The project is nearing its end, it is the right moment to review it with a retrospective from the origin of the project until today.

Everything started in April 16 or this Mustang cabriolet is on sale on the American corner. It’s obvious, it’s this cabriolet, and it’s this one that triggers the genesis of the creation of RPM Import: discussions with its owner commit, until we launch an automotive expertise on site .

The condition of the car seems to meet our expectations, the expertise gives us a state of the car that gives us comfort, we launch the purchase and its repatriation. In September, she arrives in Zeebrugge after crossing the ocean and we are looking for her with great impatience. Everything is going well, until the arrival in Pays de Retz.

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The Mustang arrived, we start to look at the car more ready, suspicions are gradually drawn: visible blisters under the tank cover at the back plate brackets of lights and bumper, the hood is cracked at the nose . A closer inspection allows us to identify that the front rails are opened by rust, for that it was necessary to pass the hand on open hood …

The joy turns into anger: we feel that things escape us, that the seller has rolled us, that the expert must be as automotive expert as we are dental surgeons … What to do with all this: chance makes us meet a restoration workshop near Cheméré en Retz, we take the car on site to have the opinion of the owner.

The verdict falls: we must resume. Small work at the beginning and a budget of limited recovery, we descend gradually to troubled areas. Gradually, we fall into all the bad parts of the restoration garages saying “pros”: they just push their client (or victims) out of the money. Having worked on site for a few weeks, we discover the damage that results from the addiction to alcohol. Too bad, the skills are there but the talent, the seriousness, the professionalism is erased by this disease.

Friends and relatives, however, had shown signs of concern. Advances of money have been given, and the addition continues to increase without the work actually progressing. And the mechanic who pushes you to disassemble the car by touting the ideal of a restoration of quality above all … After repeated sleepless nights: the decision is made, Stop. The car is recovered it had been posed nicely on its side rails over tires, cqfd.

A new anxiety then emerges: what to do with the site and how? The chance that had played us two bad laps at the beginning finally decides to smile we cross the road to the Workshop of My Elders. Finally we meet, a craftsman passionate about his job, good advice, not pushing to the absurdity of everything to refurbish to shine, the opposite of our previous experience.

The adventure resumes with the ADMA team who knows perfectly the workings of restoration projects, and especially its limits of action. Then engages the recovery of the body, then it is rolling trains, then comes the mechanics,. Once the car is on all four wheels, it is time to adjust the exterior body parts, then the finishing before receiving the original color paint of the convertible.

In addition to the support of the Cellier workshop, another workshop was presented to us: JBC Motorsport at Pouliguen. It is a true temple of the automobile where one can cross beautiful cars and where Julien and his father Bernard work. They are expert in the restoration of our old, goldsmiths of mechanics as much on the preparation as on the maintenance, talented automobile racers both. They advised us precisely and always welcomed with kindness.

As always, in such a restoration project, difficulties arise, unforeseen. We must then deal with, keep a cool head to find compromises and solutions. This is not obvious for the uninitiated, but with solid explanations, the proper listening, it is always possible to go through the tests when you have quality craftsmen.

In March 18, the car returned to the Cellar to be taken over some defects appeared, and be set for the running gear. Without the help of the workshop, the car would still be at the moment in spare parts in our storage, a big thank you to them.


  1. Starting to buy in the US is very risky, many forums relate the mishaps of many buyers with the sad experience. To know that there is no recourse on a lack of advice as it happened to us on this cabriolet with sloppy expertise yet paid a good price. Even less recourse against the buyer who went well to indicate the flaws he knew without a doubt.
  2. Mandate a company based in France to help you find the gem that fits your dream. This will save you a lot of bad surprises. Or buy the car on stock in France to have the opportunity to see it, to try it, to really realize that it is as you expected. Private sellers regularly give you erroneous information about the real condition of the cars they sell …
  3. For a vehicle restoration project: make quotes (detailed!) In several workshops recognized by their quality of work and advice avoiding bad ones. Make calls to old clubs near you, specialized club on the brand of the car you want to buy, dedicated internet forums taking a step back because there is good and not so good.

Hope to retrieve you for the final stage in may when this project will end

Rpm Import Team