Mustang Coupé 1966 Brown Red V8 C289 C code Auto

Coming from California, she arrived last year after a long trip. This 1966 Mustang coupe is being restored since March 2019.

The color is not the original one, it oscillates between the Ford Emberglo and Ford Vintage Burgundy. Originally this coupe was in Silver Frost, Black interior.

In preparing the bodywork, we discovered that the Mustang has had 6 different colors in the 54 years of existence 🙂 This is the artistic side of our American friends.

Currently, the coupe saw its engine inspected: change of oil pump and its strainer (they were to change because out of service), change of a support of push rocker, cleaning, reassembly. The old carburetor that had been redone unfortunately was defective, it was replaced by a new one.

After which the routine maintenance was realized: change of the candles, oil. After various tests, the engine has resumed normal operation and runs perfectly.

To improve the cooling of the engine block, the radiator has been changed by a 3 rows of aluminum that will soon be put back. The water pump had been previously replaced, all together with the propeller 6 pale should allow to swallow the roads in peace.

We are waiting for the parts of running gear that must be delivered shortly. At the moment the brakes were all redone with change of jaws, front cylinders back. The rear blades, spring leafs, upper triangles have been changed. It will be the turn of the gearbox to be checked, drained, the rear axle.

The goal is to get the car in working order by the end of May 2019.And will come: Painting, roof sky by the saddler, winding beams, windows and mechanisms, interior. Verification of good operation before the technical control.

Thanks to Mathieu, Anthony for their help on this project. Without them, it would not have been possible to revive this Mustang. We hope to put it into service before mid July 2019. See you soon for this restoration.
VIN datas decode : 

Warranty Number: 6R07Cxxxxxx

Year: 6 1966
Plant: R San Jose, CA
Body Series: 07 2 Door Hardtop
Engine: C 289 2v V8
Unit: xxxxxx xxxxxx